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In this post we will share why DoTERRA essential oils are the leading company in the industry, why we use their oils and read to the end to receive your free E-book/Audiobook and Natural Solutions Class invite.


Let’s start with the basics.


Essential Oils

Essential oils are used to support the function of your health and emotional wellbeing. I love the affect one drop can make on my body. DoTERRA offer single oils and advance blends depending on the support you require. There are three ways to use essential oils for your health and emotions. Aromatically either by inhaling or through a diffuser. Topically by dropping one drop of oil on your body or by diluting one drop in a carrier oil eg. Fractionated Cocount Oil. I will go into more detail below on dilution as it is important to do so when dealing with children or sensitive skin. Lastly because of the purity of DoTERRA Essential Oils you can take the oil internally, either by dropping it into a glass of water or by putting it in a vege capsule.



DoTERRA Essential Oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) this is a three tiered testing process. For me authenticity and purity was a concern when I started with Essential Oils. When putting an oil on my children I want to know it is the best quality and DoTERRA offer this. I like that on any DoTERRA bottle I can search the batch number and see the testing results for the bottle I hold in my hand.



When using essential oils topically, it is recommended to dilute the oil with a carrier oil when using potent oils or for the first & especially on children or people with sensitive skin. The preferred dilution is 1 drop of oil to 3 drops of carrier oil. You can use a glass roller ball bottle for this or your hands. Here is a useful chart to refer to with regards to adults and children with essential oils. Dermal = Topical application.

Another aspect that has caused me to fall in love with the oils even more, is Co-impact Sourcing. This is where DoTERRA has joined with growers and farmers to develop cooperatives in the indigenous countries of the plants used to make the essential oils. They ensure the growers are paid fairly and on time, the farms are well maintained so they can be passed onto the next generation. Helping developing countries has always been a value of mine as I have traveled to China & Thailand. When buying DoTERRA Essential Oils I not only supporting my family’s health but also the farmers and their families.



DoTERRA sources the oils from the indigenous lands the plants, roots, leaves & flowers are grown. Which gives them the potency other competitors can’t get if their oils are all grown and havested in the USA.
For example, if I were to grow a pineapple in my backyard here in Auckland, there would be no way for me to compete with a pineapple that was grown in South America. I would have no chance, because the soil, climate and everything a pineapple needs to be juicy and tasty comes from, being grown in it’s indigenous land. This makes me value DoTERRA so much more because when I buy an oil I know it will have the highest potency and it is also giving back to the communities that harvest the oil, via Co-impact Sourcing.

Here is an image to see where all the oils come from:


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