Emotional Aromatherapy Kit

The Emotional Aromatherapy Kit comes with six blends of essential oils designed to balance and support emotional health. You get 5ml bottles of Motivate, Cheer, Passion,  Forgive, Console and Peace. Plus a FREE Petal Diffuser (value: $65).


Emotional Aromatherapy Kit can be used in the diffuser or topically.

Emotional Aromatherapy Kit with Petal Diffuser




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Emotional Aromatherapy Touch Kit

The six emotional blends diluted in roll on bottles. Ready to apply to wrists, neck and heart.

Also includes Intro Pack.

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Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY)


When deciding which oil your body needs, refer to the Emotional Aromatherapy Oil Wheel (see below).
1. Look for the emotion/s you re feeling and select the oil/s that is right for you.
2. Apply the oil to your wrists, neck and soles of feet. Diffuse in the Petal Diffuser by adding 1/4cup of water and 4-6 drops of oil.


See doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy Oil Poster


Motivate: The encouraging blend that fills you with confidence and courage. 

Cheer: The uplifting blend that will boost happiness and  positively when you are having a low moment. 

Passion: The inspiring blend that reignites excitement and joy. 

Forgive: Counteract emotions of guilt and anger by using the renewing blend, as it promotes contentment, patience and relief.

Console: Known as the comforting blend use in times of loss and let it evoke hope back to the soul.

Peace: The reassuring blend, use when anxious to promote feelings of composure and assurance.


Read about the scientific makeup of the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit.

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