iTovi Scanner

The iTovi Scanner is the latest technology on the market that uses pressure sensors, bioimpedance, bluetooth technology and temperature to give you a personal wellness evaluation. You hold the device in your hand for less than a minute then it produces a report.

iTovi Scanneritovi scanner

This device scans your bio points, like a Fitbit however more advanced.

Auckland Only: We offer free scans for The Best Life Members (become a member here). If you are not one of our members but would like to be scanned, please contact us and we would love to serve you. (cost per scan: $5.00)

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iTovi Scanner Review

“When I first had the opportunity to get scanned, I was a complete skeptic with not very high hopes my results would tell me much.
I have always disliked Lavender, it can make me feel so ill just from a smell of it. Work had been stressful and I found it hard to sleep. I had the opportunity to scan my bio points with an iTovi Scanner. The first oil that came up was Petitgrain. I had an instant ‘ah ha’ moment. This oil is similar to Lavender in properties but I already new Lavender didn’t work for me and was amazed at the iTovi recommending Petitgrain, the male version of Lavender. “Petitgrain delivers calming and relaxing benefits to ease feelings of tension and stress.” (source:
I was converted in a few minutes, I then went onto taking Petitgrain like it suggested and enjoyed the calming results.”


How often should you get scanned?
You should get scanned and then take the recommended products for 2-4weeks and then get a repeat scan. This gives your body enough time to be supported by the products and get results.

Where to buy an iTovi scanner?
iTovi Scanner for sale
Click here to order your own iTovi scanner and get a free oil from us.

How to use the iTovi Scanner?
Simply open the palm of your hand, with the silver points facing down. Close your hand over the iTovi scanner and then on your device select ‘Scan Now’.

How does the iTovi Scanner work?
Every biological or non-biological thing on earth has a signature energy & frequency. The iTovi scanner sends individual frequencies to the body through the hand held device one at a time. The scanner reads this information and sends a report back within 2 minutes. The scanner recommends oils, blends & supplements for Emotional, Physical & Environmental health.

If you have any question please let us know.

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