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The most intelligent option when buying essential oils with DoTERRA is with an Intro Pack or a Starter Kit, they both offer 25% off on all oils & supplements. The secure store is online and can be accessed at anytime. There is no minimum order amount. Simply get your products delivered from the Auckland warehouse. 

Q: Why are DoTERRA Essential oils and products are the number one in the USA.

A: These amazing oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) which is above and beyond Organic & GMO free. This means you can be assured the quality is the highest, as each batch

Below see a link to the full range of products available.

We are Bonnie & Elaine Forbes (ID#3715784) doTERRA Wellness Advocates & AromaTouch Certified Practioners. Essential Oils have changed our lives and empowered us to decrease the amount of chemicals we have in our homes. We now go for the oils and our Modern Essential Guide when anything comes up in our families health.

Essential Oils

Start your Oil Journey

When you get a Starter Kit or Intro Pack you become a "Wellness Advocate" where you save 25% off all products. The Intro Pack costs $40 unless you order a Starter Kit (see the available kits below.)

With your new account you have the opportunity to earn up to 30% back in reward points, that you can redeem to purchase FREE products. You will also have the opportunity to earn commission simply by sharing with your family and friends about the benefits of the oils. This is an amazing opportunity and so many people naturally share with others what is working for them, doTERRA just rewards you for sharing.

Know what you want click here or continue reading about the most popular kit, plus a list of all kits available and how to order.

The most popular kit is the Home Essentials Kit by purchasing this kit you waive the Intro Pack fee and save $108.35 off the Retail Price. This kit comes with a diffuser and the top 10 oils.

essential oils nz

Buy a Home Essentials Kit Now

Here is a quick overview of the oils that come in the Home Essentials Kit. With your wholesale account you will receive support from us, be added to a private Facebook Group where you can ask any oily question & have it answered in record time. We have a unique community of like minded individuals who love to support each other.

Home Essential Kit Oils:

essential oils nz

Start with this Kit

Other Enrollment Kits that are available, please see them here.

When you purchase a kit you will become a Wellness Advocate, this includes the following benefits.

  • 25% off RRP on all orders
  • up to 30% earned in the Loyalty Rewards Program to get products for Free
  • Order from USA & NZ warehouses
  • $40 Intro pack fee waived if you purchase an enrollment kit
  • NO min order
  • NO obligation to order again
  • No contracts
  • Opportunity to get product of the month
  • Option to earn a second income stream
  • Instant access to our Facebook Community

Prefer not to buy a kit?

Totally no problems at all. You have two options, purchase a retail price or purchase a wholesale account for $40 and then build an order customised to you. If you need any help with this please message us. This membership lasts for 12 months, if you would like to continue at the end of the year you will be notified of the cost and get a free Peppermint Oil.

View the oil price list here.

Steps to starting with doTERRA:
(Note: Anyone worldwide can order through the doTERRA link below, not restricted to AU/NZ)

essential oils nz

  • Next you need to select your language (default is English)
  • Then select your country that the oils will be shipped to.
  • Click Continue

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  • Select which warehouse you would like your oils to be sent from. (Currently USA ships in 3-5 days and NZ ships 1-3 days due to NZ Post.)
  • Click Continue

  • Here you will select which account you would like. We recommend Wellness Advocate as you will get the most benefits long term.

  • Fill out the About You section
  • Make sure our Enrollment & Sponsor Number (ID#3715784) is entered to ensure your application is accepted.
  • Click Continue

essential oils nz

  • Next you have the selection of made for you kits which offer the best value for your money. If you are purchasing an enrollment kit this is where you select ADD TO CART.
  • If you would rather purchase a Wholesale Account click the purple arrows until you see Introductory Enrollment Packet and click ADD TO CART. (note prices are now in NZD)essential oils nz
  • If you are wanting to add any other products to your order, type the name into the section that says "Enter additional item # or product name" then add them to your cart.
  •  Once you have completed adding everything to your order, you will view your totals and see shipping fee.
  • Select Shipping Method (you will get 100% back on shipping via Reward Points)
  • Click 'View Totals'

  • Check your details in the Ship To Section
  • Select Bill To same address or enter a new address in for billing
  • Enter Payment details
  • Click Process Order NOW & Continue>>essential oils nz
  • Complete!

That is how simple the first order is. There is an option to set up a regular Loyalty Reward Points order once you have completed the order. This is not an obligation.

Learn more about Loyalty Reward Points here.

doTERRA will confirm your order with an email. We will also send you an email within your first week to send you some info to read while you wait for your oils. In our email we will teach you how to login to your account and how to use it. At times we will email you with the latest news and offers from doTERRA.

If you are questioning the price at this stage you need to read about why doTERRA are the best in the market.

You may also be interested in learning the price per drop information below, note this is in USD:

Single Oils:

Basil $0.08
Bergamot $0.11
Black Pepper $0.08
Birch $0.12
Cassia $0.08
Cilantro $0.10
Cinnamon $0.26
Clary Sage $0.15
Clove $0.06
Coriander $0.11
Cypress $0.07
Eucalyptus $0.06
Fennel $0.06
Frankincense $0.28
Geranium $0.11
Ginger $0.12
Grapefruit $0.07
Helichrysm $0.91
Lavender $0.09
Lemon $0.04
Lemongrass $0.04
Lime $0.06
Marjoram $0.08
Melaleuca (Tea Tree) $0.08
Melissa $1.39
Myrrh $0.18
Oregano $0.08
Patchouli $0.10
Peppermint $0.07
Roman Chamomile $0.40
Rosemary $0.06
Sandalwood $0.75
Thyme $0.11
Vetiver $0.14
White Fir $0.08
Wild Orange $0.05
Wintergreen $0.07
Ylang Ylang $0.18


Aromatouch $0.11
Balance $0.08
Breathe $0.08
Citrus Bliss $0.05
Clear Skin $0.15
Deep Blue $0.38
Deep Blue Roll On $0.39
DigestZen $0.13
Elevation $0.15
Immortelle $0.42
Intune Roll On $0.20
OnGuard $0.13
PastTense $0.12
Purify $0.08
Serenity $0.12
Slim & Sassy $0.10
Solace $0.15
Terrashield $0.04
Whisper $0.29
Zendocrine $0.15

**Prices and availability subject to change

If you have any questions or trouble setting up your order, or about Essential Oils. Please don't hesitate to contact us anytime. We are here to help.

Bonnie & Elaine xx