Lavender Essential Oil

DoTERRA sources the lavender from Eastern Bulgaria, it takes 16 kgs of Lavender flowers to produce one 15 ml bottle of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil.

This precious oil has been used for centuries for the relaxation its aroma creates. It is used mostly at times of stress or sleep.

Lavender Essential Oil

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lavender oil

Lavender Oil at wholesale: $33.00. Combine individual oils and purchase with an intro kit to get wholesale pricing and save. Contact us today.

Lavender Touch

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Lavender oil diluted with fractionated coconut oil in a roll on bottle.

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Lavender Touch at wholesale: $22.00. Purchase with other oils and intro kit to save. Send us an email through the the contact page to order.

Lavender Essential Oil Uses:

  1. Place 5-6 drops in the bath before bed to help unwind and relax.
  2. Diffuse in bedroom 1hr before sleep
  3. Lavender is a great oil to bake with, a favourite of mine is the Lavender Cupcakes by doTERRA.
  4. A lavender massage for a child before bed or if a child has mosquito bites, place 2 drops with a carrier oil onto the back or affected area.
  5. Diffuse to create a calm atmosphere. Blend with Wild Orange & Frankincense, add 3-4 drops of each three oils to the diffuser.


Q: Which carrier oil for lavender essential oil is the best?

A: Fractionated Coconut Oil is the best carrier oil. As the fatty chambers have been removed and this ensures the oil and lavender oil is absorbed quickly. Other carrier oils can create a barrier and the essential oil does not absorb so readily.

Q: How to use lavender essential oil for headaches?

A: Add 2 drops to your palms and rub over the back of your neck. Also can be used in the bath to help relax. DoTERRA Lavender Essential Oil can also be taken internally, put one drop in a glass of water to promote relaxation.

Q: How many drops to use when diluting lavender essential oil for children?

A: For babies 1 drop of essential oil in a 5ml roll on bottle. Children 2-5 drops of essential oil in a 5ml bottle. Adults 5-10 drops of essential oil in a 5ml roller bottle diluted with fractionated coconut oil.

Q: Where to buy lavender essential oil?

A: Click here to view our buying options.