Supporting You


Life can bring challenges that require a space to talk things over. This is where Counselling can be beneficial; by supporting you to make sense of the things you are struggling with, find ways to cope, and discover strategies to help.

I aim to provide a safe place for you to explore these various aspects of yourself, including both strengths and difficulties.

Life Coaching

At times we can feel stuck or unaware that old patterns are holding us back from living our Best Life. This is where Life Coaching can show you a way forward, clarifying your goals and values and helping you to explore your talents and strengths.

Part of my work is to offer guidance and encouragement to help people achieve their goals, make informed decisions, and navigate challenges in their personal or professional life.

My main areas of work are:

  • Helping adolescents and young adults navigate their world
  • Grief and loss including pregnancy loss and/or infertility
  • Life transitions and challenges
  • Anxiety and Depression including postnatal depression
  • Improving relationships with others and/or self
  • Managing stress
  • Developing boundaries
  • Parenting challenges including supporting new parents
  • Identifying values and finding ways to live by them
  • Discovering your unique you, strengths and potential

Session Information & Fees

In-person and online appointments available. Please contact me for further information about availability.

In-person appointments are based at:-
    188 St Heliers Bay Road
    St Heliers, Auckland

Fee: $150 (incl. GST) for 55 minutes