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The number one best selling product by DoTERRA is their Vitamin Supplements called LongLife Vitality Pack. This product supports your body and gives you the nutrients you may be missing on a daily basis. The three bottles focus on different nutritional needs for our bodies.

  • Alpha CRS+ is the Cellular Energy Blend.
  • xEO Mega is the Omega Fatty Acids with CPTG Essential Oils
  • Microplex VMZ is a whole food vitamin and mineral supplement.

Longlife Vitality Vitamin Supplement

Product Info:

Dr. Josh Axe recommends everyone should be taking this pack. Here is his reasons why:

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Alpha CRS+

Alpha CRS+ is for cellular energy and natural cleansing. You are going to find Milk Thistle in this supplement, which is the king supplement of detoxifying and supports your liver. There is also a compound from Frankincense that is for balancing inflammation, among many other benefits. Green Tea contains antioxidants which is beneficial for supporting your bodies metabolism. Turmeric is also in this supplement, it also supports inflammation in the liver. Again it is in a whole food form for best absorption. These also have a essential oil matrix around them to make them more absorbable and digestible. This is so important for supporting your cellular levels and repair.

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xEO Mega

xEO Mega has three types of fish oil, plus flaxseed oil and astaxanthin; which is an antioxidant that protects the body. This product also balances men and women hormones. With high levels of omega and the antioxidant to keep the oils healthy and usable by the body. 90% of fish oils on the market have rancid oil in them and 'are junk' says Dr Axe.

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Microplex VMZ

Mircoplex VMZ is made from whole food vitamins and minerals. 95% of supplement suppliers in the market are filling their vitamins with things that are made from rocks and mineral salts, that can not be absorbed by the body. For example your most common Calcium supplement: Calcium Carbonate only has 5% of the supplement that is absorbed into the body, because it is not in it's whole food form. This makes DoTERRA's Micro Plex VMZ so great. This is a wise dosage amount as there are higher levels of Vitamin D3 for supporting your immune systerm. The Vitamin C content is 170% of your daily value. Plus higher levels of various Vitamin B. Plus Broccoli, Spirulina and other whole food factors are added into this mix too. So many of us are nutritionally deficient in something by taking the Micro Plex VMZ you are covering all those basis's with a whole food form that is absorbable into your body.

Dosage: Take 2 tablets of each product in the morning with food and again at lunch with food.

100% Money Back Guarantee!  If you don't notice a difference in your health and energy in 30 days simply send back the empty bottles and you will receive your refund.


The pack of three bottles is available at Wholesale or you can buy the bottles individually at Retail price. The Long Life Vitality work best when taken together, this is why DoTERRA offers such a great wholesale price.

Long Life Vitality Pack

Wholesale Price 

First Month

Long Life Vitality Pack: $126.00

Intro Pack $40.00

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Following months: $126.00

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Retail Price

Pack: $168.00 + shipping
(saving $165.25) (Pack ID: 60201778)


Alpha CRS+ :      $146.63

Microplex VMZ: $82.65

xEO Mega:          $103.97

Total Retail Price: $333.25



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You have ordered your first order of Long Life Vitality. Once you have completed month one, we can discuss if you would like to continue with the pack and assist you setting up a monthly subscription. This is not an obligation.

For more information check out the individual product PDF's:

xEO MegaAlpha CRS+Microplex VMZ

Note: DoTERRA ships worldwide.

If you are suffering from tiredness, low moods and overall low health, then you have nothing to lose than to try this powerful vitamin supplements by DoTERRA. Personally my health is at an all time high, I've notice my energy lasts longer throughout the day and my immunity is higher. I highly recommend this pack and have clients raving about the energy they have got from taking this supplement. Please contact me if you have any questions or need help ordering.

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