Wild Orange Essential Oil Recipes – Top 5 Picks

Having essential oils in my cupboard has inspired me to cook more whether baked or raw. I am loving the creations I can make with the oils I have.

One of my favourite essential oils to cook with is, wild orange. It can be added into all meals, breakfast, lunch or dinner. DoTERRA have a vast directory of recipes. I have chosen my top recipes and wanted to share them with you all.

Here is my top 5 recipes for Wild Orange Essential Oil.

smoothie with essential oils

A Tropical Smoothie to start the day with 5 drops of Wild Orange Essential Oil.

Wild orange essential oils

A Raw chocolate brownie with peppermint and wild orange essential oils. A great lunchbox treat.

Essential oil recipe

Peanut Butter & Wild Orange Sandwich. A kids favourite lunch sandwich.

Orange Oil

I couldn’t forget dessert!! Orange Panna Cotta deliciousness!

Essential oil recipes

Fruit Dip or Pie, you choose. Super simple anyone can make this.

Wild Orange is one of DoTERRA’s top selling essential oils. It can benefit your home, mind and body. There really is limitless applications for Wild Orange, let your creativity take you to make amazing creations with this citrus oil.

Wild Orange by DoTERRA is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. This means it is tested multiple time by DoTERRA and third party companies to make sure the oil is at it’s purest state. Because the oil  is so pure you are able to take the oil internally (not all oils can be, so always check the labels).

To purchase Wild Orange by DoTERRA click here for retail or learn more about getting a Wholesale Account here.

What are your favourite recipes for Wild Orange Essential Oil?

I’d love to hear if you tried any of these and how much you like them.

If you have any questions or would like to talk more about essential oils please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Bonnie x

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